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I will never understand why someone would hurt a person just because. It isn’t normal. But what is normal now in days. People shooting at each other for no damn reason. People fighting over land and over money. What happened to loving and helping one another? Where has the love gone? Is it worth it? I get it we all make mistakes, that’s what make us human. I think. Do you agree? I just don’t get it. My emotions have been so all over the place. And there’s no one I can talk to. This place I’m living in, it isn’t safe. Not for me not for anyone. People here lose their souls, forget about love and hide in darkness. Is the one place where evil lingers and buries you alive. No way out, just one way in. Will the light shine again when we learn to forgive and start to give back? Will love come back when we let go of everything that hold us back and the hate we feel for one another? I hope so. Because to live feeling the way I feel isn’t living at all. Its a horrible feeling. To feel every second every minute like your heart is breaking like your heart is going to stop beating because the air isn’t enough to breath in. To feel so lost even when surrounded my millions thousands of people everyday. I smile just to let them know I’m ok. To keep a strong face, because I know inside they feel the same way. Hurt. Angry. Yet they smile and say is ok. We did and tried to fix it. I know better, their tone of voice says different. Something has to be made right. The emptiness and wound only time will mend the pieces together. Heal the wound hidden deep below underneath the heart. Maybe someday somehow everything will be alright.


I can smell it in the air,
I can feel it coming.
The first rain drop falls on my head and soon the world is no longer dry.

Never knowing when it will end
I stand and watch as the green grass becomes greener.
As the rain washes away sorrow, pain and dirt.
Leaving in its path nothing but a clear start.

Should I run for cover or let another rain drop fall on my head.
I want to dance in the rain,
I want to feel each drop erase all that doesn’t belong.

Staring up at the sky,
watching the pattern of the raindrops I feel content and beautiful.

Can’t let this rainy day go to waste.
Why not dance in the rain!
Let the sun be my spotlight,
The trees and birds will be my perfect audience.
The raindrops will make a perfect melody.

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